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Increasing demand for Bisphenol-A due to growing construction activities in the ASEAN region further supported by rising demand for Polycarbonate resins from region’s strongly growing auto ...Read More

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Growing demand for the end use product due to supportive macroeconomic factors and strengthening of internal market forces are driving Phenol market in Argentina.

Rising demand for Hydrogen Peroxide as an effective and environmentally safe oxidant for wastewater treatment and growing demand for household disinfectants would propel the demand for Hydrogen ...Read More

Growing demand for Phenol and Acetone due to their penetration across versatile downstream industries and shifting market dynamics supporting the industrial growth would stimulate the growth of ...Read More

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Growing consumption of Hydrogen Peroxide across several downstream sectors especially textile and pulp and paper industries, further accelerated by latest technological advancements towards prom ...Read More

China’s strongly growing Hydrogen Peroxide consumption with massive investments across the downstream textile and pulp and paper industries backed by latest technological advancements towa ...Read More

Growing demand for Phenol and its derivatives due to their strong penetration across construction and automotive sectors backed by shifting market dynamics are propelling the growth of Phenol in ...Read More

Rapidly expanding Pulp and Paper sector and growing demand from textile mills backed by strong promotions towards using Hydrogen Peroxide in water treatment and disinfectant applications would b ...Read More