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Growing demand for Polyethylene for applications in packaging and automobile sector supported by rapid expansion of the domestic petrochemical sector to actualize government’s Make in Indi ...Read More

High growth in end user industries such as construction, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals coupled with government initiatives such as government’s Smart City Mission and other infrastruct ...Read More

Increasing export potential of Indian textile industry accompanied by government initiatives for stabilizing the industrial sector after Coronavirus in addition to low-cost of Polyamide producti ...Read More

Rising demand for Vitamin B3 for producing various drugs and nutritious products in rapidly expanding pharmaceutical industry in wake of Coronavirus outbreak coupled with persistent demand for P ...Read More

Growth in downstream sectors such as plastics, textile, rubber etc., increasing demand for transportation fuel and Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) and government policies such as Hydrocarbons Vision ...Read More

The Propylene Glycol market is anticipated to witness a significant market growth in the forecasted period. The key factors contributing to the growth of market are ...Read More

Growth in water intensive industries such as manufacturing and hospitality coupled with laudable efforts of the Indian government towards sustainable wastewater management and stringent policies ...Read More

Increasing demand for plasticizer in manufacturing wires and cables for electronics and electrical end users backed by increasing industrialization and government initiatives to drive the Phthal ...Read More

Increasing number of government initiatives to promote domestic manufacturing coupled with persistent demand for sustainable, eco-friendly materials from automotive and electronics industries to ...Read More

Robust growth in India’s paints and coatings sector benefitted by government’s rising focus on infrastructural development and increasing investments on urbanization and development ...Read More