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Increasing usage of Ethylene Oxide (EO) for sterilization in medical industry, along with increasing consumption of resins and polyester fibers is expected to accelerate the growth  of Japa ...Read More

Phasing out of coal and replacing it with LNG by the energy sector backed by its utilization as an alternative fuel with minimal carbon footprint drives the LNG market in Germany.

Rapid growth of Germany’s automotive industry accompanied by increased consumption of resins and polyester and surged demand of PET from the Food and Packaging sector are the major driving ...Read More

The demand of Reverse osmosis membrane in United States increased due to rise in demand in pharmaceutical and electronics industry and also increasing number of wastewater treatment and desalina ...Read More

The demand of Reverse Osmosis Membrane in United Kingdom is rising due to new housing development, shifting trend from joint family to nuclear family and robust growth in industrial sector.

...Read More

Rapid industrialization, applications in electronic and pharmaceutical industry, installation of wastewater treatment and desalination systems drives the market of Reverse Osmosis Membrane in So ...Read More

The rising wastewater treatment plants and demand for clean drinking water drives the market for South America’s Reverse Osmosis Membrane market. 

The demand of Reverse Osmosis Membrane in Saudi Arabia is increasing due to rapid industrialization, application in pharmaceutical industry and increasing demand for clean and safe drinking wate ...Read More